In today’s business world, terminations are a fact of life.  Given the current climate of mergers, acquisitions, realignments, and downsizings, managers and supervisors must develop the skills to manage the notification process effectively.


The notification interview should be done with both skill and compassion.  Remembering that you are talking about the possibility of major changes in a person’s life will go a long way in assisting you to do so with consideration.


Our services provide both a general understanding of the dynamics of the notification, or separation process, as well as specific guidance on how to gracefully conduct the actual meeting.

Notification Meeting Planning

Careful planning prior to the notification meeting can ensure a successful outcome that treats the employee with dignity and sensitivity, prevents legal problems for the company, minimizes trauma to the remaining workforce, and ensures the separated employee moves forward and starts focusing on the future.

Guidance can be provided regarding:

  • Timing of the meeting
  • Who delivers the message
  • Where the meeting is conducted
  • Meeting length
  • Explaining the separation package
  • How to deal with normal reactions like shock, denial, sadness, and anger

Resources include:

  • Anticipated questions with responses
  • Manager's checklist
  • Terminated employee checklist
  • Guide for managing remaining employees

On-Site Transition Meeting Assistance

Many of our customers consider having one of HRMC’s senior consultants on-site to meet personally with the impacted employee an integral part of a successful transition plan.  Our focus is to orchestrate a smooth transition that reflects positively on both the employee and the company.  Our guidance helps the individual move on more quickly and focus on the future.  Topics of discussion may include


  • Managing the emotional roller coaster
  • Guidance on do’s and don'ts
  • How to share the news with a spouse/family
  • Confirmation of termination conditions
  • How to position themselves for smooth transition

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