How many times have we heard some version of "It takes all kinds" or "He is tough as nails" or "Ask Bill—he’s a pushover"?  Just like a snowflake, no two people are alike...and aren't we glad?  It’s diversity that makes the human character interesting.  Everyone is different, but there are definite styles that result in common ways people choose to communicate.  Those styles affect not only how they communicate information (send), but also how they react to information (receive).  A better understanding of the various styles and how to interact in a flexible manner allows us to be more effective in our personal and professional lives.


Behavioral Objectives

Participants will be able to:


  • Understand everyone has a unique style and there is not one singular successful style
  • Identify their specific communication style
  • Establish and recognize common communication styles
  • Understand the basic testing tools that identify communication styles
  • Identify common problems associated with approaching everyone the same way                                
  • Communicate in different ways that appeal to the dominant traits of colleagues
  • Recognize the importance of having the right "fit" for employees in the organization


Who Should Attend

Anyone interested in learning more about common communication styles and how to adjust their approach to attain peak performance


Sample Activities


  • “Identifying Your Dominant Communication Style” exercise
  • Role-playing common communication scenarios





Delivery Options

Can be delivered one-on-one, in small groups, or as a half- or full-day workshop