Our Career Transition Workshops are designed to quickly prepare individuals for the job-search process, providing assistance to groups in transition while retaining a degree of individuality.  Some of the topics include:


Career Assessment

  • Evaluating skills, interests, and values
  • Assessing personal work experiences
  • Determining work preferences
  • Preparing work history and relevant career data
  • Stress and the emotional roller coaster


Resume Development

  • Purpose and structure
  • Developing STAR (Situation/Task-Action-Result) stories


Job Search Planning

  • Identifying open and hidden markets
  • Using the Internet
  • Targeting companies
  • Letter writing approaches and telephone etiquette
  • Developing control and organization
  • Employment agencies, search firms, and advertisements
  • Constructing your two-minute story
  • Learning how to network
  • Keeping the job “pipeline” open and organized


Interviewing Techniques

  • The nature of the interview
  • Preparing/Role-playing
  • Behavioral questions
  • Developing listening and questioning skills
  • Practicing with the group activities

Negotiating Techniques

  • Obtaining a "strength position" prior to negotiations