The Excellerate Program assists your organization with determining how high-potential employees (HiPo’s) might perform if given the opportunity to advance within the company.  Using the Lominger Competency Model, HRMC conducts research to identify the competencies existing top performers share.  Your company then provides high-potential employees who participate in an intensive process that results in targeted feedback with an individualized development plan.


The Excellerate assessment process helps identify opportunities for development across all competencies.  For example:


  • HRMC interviews high-performing sales managers at your company to determine the competencies (e.g., communication, command skills, leadership ability, etc.) needed to be effective in their role.
  • Your organization identifies several sales representatives (HiPo’s) who have shown management potential to attend the Excellerate Program.
  • The sales representatives and their managers are given reports identifying the competencies they currently meet, as well as those that need to be developed further to be truly effective in a sales manager role.


The method chosen to accomplish this is based on assessment center methodology that has been shown to be an effective, valid, and reliable way to observe behavior in a simulated “day-in-the-life” of a particular position, and evaluate the effectiveness of that behavior. 


Who Should Attend

Any high-performing employees with potential for advancement


Sample Activities


  • Group and subgroup discussions
  • Role-playing common position scenarios




Class Duration

Full-day session